Turnkey Solutions for Industrial Buildings

As a turnkey solutions provider for industrial buildings and commercial and logistics real estates, Polarkon GmbH offers project-based design, engineering and fabrication services for steel roof constructions, columns, façade constructions, as well as canopies and cantilevered structures.

With the help of its know-how and experience on industrial and commercial real estate, Polarkon GmbH also offers its design, engineering and installation services for skylights, roof claddings, façade claddings, windows, industrial doors, gutters and downspout on these buildings and projects. Along with its exclusive and trustworthy suppliers in Turkey and Germany, Polarkon GmbH provides the ultimate value and cost-effective solutions to its clients’ while conforming international quality standards and norms.

Steel Roof Constructions

For more than 29 years of experience and know-how on steel roof constructions, Polarkon GmbH has been offering different types of steel roof constructions, namely space frame structures, conventional steel and free form structures. These types of roof constructions come in different shapes, geometries and sizes, where the static design, optimal architectural modelling of Polarkon GmbH provides efficient solutions with internationally recognized quality standards.

Steel Columns

It is known that when offering steel roofing constructions, their steel columns are also very important in project’s static design, cost estimations and installation methodology. Polarkon GmbH understands the importance of optimal design and engineering of the steel columns of the roof structures, where it fabricates and designs its projects accordingly.

Steel Façade Constructions

Another important point of providing turnkey solutions for industrial buildings, Polarkon GmbH also designs, models and fabricates steel structures of buildings’ facades. This way, Polarkon GmbH becomes the only point of contact for every part of steel construction for these buildings from ground zero and beyond.

Roof Claddings

Polarkon GmbH also executes the cladding works of the roof structures of industrial buildings, where the selection of material type and its procurement, seamless adaptation of the material onto the steel structures and installations are highly important for each project.

Façade Claddings

One of the most essential part of the industrial buildings is to understand the specific requirements and the needs of what material to use and implement for the cladding of buildings’ facades. With the help of numerously completed projects, Polarkon GmbH offers the best procurement of cladding material, their corresponding implementation and installation to the facades and steel structures.


One of the most sought architectural design elements for the buildings, Polarkon GmbH has been offering skylights as a total product, unique for every project and client, from design phase to installation at site.


With the help of its exclusive aluminum and glass-manufacturer partners in Türkiye and Germany, Polarkon GmbH works with their suppliers to come up with the best required solution unique to every project as well as providing economic solutions.

Industrial & Vehicle Access Doors

One of the most critical and important subjects of offering turnkey solutions for industrial buildings is understanding how the industrial and vehicle access doors work at the site. Polarkon GmbH undertakes the design, engineering and procurement of the related industrial doors and their installation services, specific for each project that it participates.

Gutters and Downspouts

With the help of its diverse experience and know-how on other engineering disciplines, Polarkon GmbH also designs, implements and installs all the necessary gutters and downspouts to the building, in order to dispose water, snow and other particles from the building in a safe and sound manner.

Canopies and Cantilevered Structures

Polarkon GmbH also offers customized designs and fabrications for canopy and cantilever structures of any shape and dimensions.

Renewable Energy Production

Combining its in-depth design, engineering, fabrication capabilities and its respectable photovoltaic solutions partners, Polarkon GmbH offers turnkey solutions to mostly solar carports in Europe, from design stage until system commissioning.