About Us

Polarkon GmbH is a "DESIGN - BUILD" type company based in Düsseldorf, North-Rhein Westphalia

Founded in 2020, in order to develop more efficient, lightweight, sustainable and agile solutions for a fast-paced and rapidly involving steel industry.

Polarkon GmbH has continuously improved its manufacturing methods, quality and procurement systems, personnel, structural and architectural design & engineering works in accordance with today’s technological requirements to provide top-quality products and services for engineering and steel industry in Germany and all over the world.

Polarkon GmbH with “DESIGN - BUILD” method from start to end.

Numerous major projects such as steel material handling systems, steel logistics platforms, space frame structures and conventional steel structures have been engineered and carried out by Polarkon GmbH with “DESIGN - BUILD” method from start to end.

Polarkon GmbH has an association with its main company group, POLARKON, which has two manufacturing plants and headquarters in Ankara, Turkey, where it carries out its steel fabrication, design and engineering works for its projects in Europe, Turkey, Middle East and Africa.

The main company, POLARKON has successfully designed, built and installed major domestic projects in Turkey; international projects in Germany in Europe; Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain in Gulf region; Egypt, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and more in Africa; Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and more in Turkic States since 1995.

Up today, Polarkon always adopted the principle of striving for the better and generating optimal structural and engineering solutions in the projects that takes part.