Solar Carports

Combining its structural engineering experience with its architectural design know-how, Polarkon GmbH aims to provide turnkey solutions for one of the most demanded and crucial products of the renewable energy market of the recent years, Solar Carports.

With its uniquely designed and engineered solar carports, namely LONDON, NEW YORK, TOKYO and WASHINGTON, Polarkon GmbH aims to be the only point of contact for both the structural steel and photovoltaic systems in its projects.

Beside the standardized and mass-produced models, all the solar carport models can also be customized, re-shaped and re-sized as per our clients’ preferences and demands.

Where Engineering Meets Photovoltaics Energy

With the help of its 29 years of experience in design and engineering of steel structures, Polarkon GmbH offers standardized and mass-produced solar carport models to its customers in order to meet the renewable energy needs.

Apart from the four standard solar carport models, Polarkon GmbH is able to offer customized solar carports uniquely designed for each client. In addition to the customized solar carports, Polarkon GmbH also offers optional features to the models such as painting finishes, hot-dip galvanization and waterproof roofing designs.