Structural Steel

Over the course of the years, Polarkon GmbH has been completed different kind of structural steel projects such as large-span, double-curvature shell frame, use of tensioned construction solutions, free-form structures and client-requested designs with "Design and Build" type of approach, while fully conforming to the international and/or requested quality standards.

With this approach and system, Polarkon GmbH becomes the only point of contact throughout the projects overtaken. While constantly adapting to the new requests and changes from the client, Polarkon GmbH offers optimal engineering methods and solutions.

In addition, Polarkon GmbH fabricates its structural steel components within its production center on-time and also carries out its installation works in an efficient way.

As well known, steel structures shorten the construction period with its pre-production manufacturing feature, facilitates and prevents malproduction under careful controlled condition.

Space frame steel construction and structural steel can also have aesthetical and creative shapes, where can have numerous possibilities and ways to design, while also much easier to repair and maintain.