Structural Health Monitoring

Improved manufacturing technologies made follow-up possible for the critical structure or structural elements during its service life. Polarkon Structural Behavior Follow-up System (SHMS – PYSIS ) is capable to monitor structural health and structural behaviors of any structure.

Polarkon GmbH has been working together with Middle East Technical University and university's laboratories on the innovation of a system called "Structural Health Monitoring System (SHMS)".

SHMS is a computer-based software and system which is integrated physically onto the critical points of the structural steel modules and components, where extremely precise measurement of stress values of steel elements, displacement values of structures, rotations, support reactions, external loads acting on the structure such as wind and snow loads are evaluated, monitored and traced on real-time.

Therefore, Polarkon GmbH is able to determine the real-time values after the installation regarding the structural health of the steel structures. After installation, the health of the building or critical elements can be monitored for an extended duration of time, where it can be reported with the desired frequency and quality.

With the integration of SHMS, it becomes possible to determine the tightness of bolts, welding completion and conformity to its standards, measuring the assembly tolerances and comparison to its tolerances and finally whether the steel has a structural problem with regard to post-assembly. In short, SHMS is a stand-alone highly scientific and objective method of acceptance of a work whether it is done in accordance with the technique and specifications as required by the project.