Project Consultancy

With respect to its "Design and Build" structure, Polarkon GmbH conducts architectural studies and provides detailed solutions and alternatives uniquely for every structural steel and space frame projects, in its own entirety.

All the structural designs and analysis are conducted with the principles of European or American Standards, or any other standard required.

Polarkon GmbH offers the below consultancy services to its customers;

  1. To make preliminary solutions or to ensure that the correct progress of the architectural project with the opinions it creates based on its experience, if static requirements are needed at the design stage,
  2. Provide support for the details needed by the designers, and propose recommendations if desired,
  3. Performing structural preliminary solutions of the project, if desired,
  4. Covers the issuances of preparing technical specifications and control and test plans for the application.

In addition services stated below, Polarkon GmbH has the following standards and applications as well;

  • Project Management Plans and Documentations
  • Application and Inspection Technical Specifications
  • Procurement, Manufacturing and Assembly Quality Plans
  • Site Inspections and Services of Construction
  • Structural Health Monitoring