Privacy Policy

Polarkon GmbH is aware of the importance of protecting every data and information which are shared by its employees, suppliers, clients and customers. Therefore, the following policy is adopted which ensures the confidentiality and privacy of all the data and information provided by every stakeholder associated with Polarkon GmbH;

None of the data provided by employees, suppliers, clients and customers are shared, distributed or sold without the prior consent of the concerned customers or unless required by the law.

Polarkon GmbH may disclose such information only within the frame of the relevant authorizations and the applicable laws and regulations. If and when any of the regulatory bodies and/or legislative or executive authorities having jurisdiction on Polarkon GmbH requests disclosure of customer information, Polarkon GmbH may reveal and disclose such information only within the relevant authorizations.

All the data and information provided by employees, clients, suppliers of Polarkon GmbH are protected and securely stored in Polarkon GmbH’s top-secured and private digital infrastructure,

If and when Polarkon GmbH needs to cooperate with different entities to outsource any support services, it shall ensure that such other entities also shall comply with its privacy standards and conditions.

All copyrights associated with information, materials and images contained in and their arrangement by our Website belong solely to Polarkon GmbH.

Any provided data from external sources such as clients, customers, and individuals are only used for improving our services, providing better user experience and responding better to your inquiries and further questions,

For the sake of protection of confidentiality of all personal data and information of our associates and clients, we keep our company’s system and internet infrastructure at the outmost secure level possible and take necessary precautions at all times.