Space Frame Structures

Space frame construction systems are systematic and optimal constructions consisting of pipe elements and node elements which provide hyperstatic and exact three-dimensional load distribution, transferring less and balanced load to the load bearing structure. Within the scope of Polarkon GmbH, after completion, static and design engineering works of the planned structure, the space frame elements are fabricated with fully automated technology under Polarkon GmbH's own facilities from start to the end, uniquely for each project. The backtracking and traceability of the fabricated elements are monitored from supply to installation phases.

Space frame structures, approximately have savings up to 40% in terms of material used, which makes it a superb alternative to provide a significantly more economical solution that of conventional steel designs.

Also, with the help of its uniform design, the fabrication process of the space frame is being done much faster than the conventional steel designs, where all the product is fabricated with numerically controlled machines, therefore, generates much less error.

Another great advantage of the space frame is that space frame products can be transported much efficiently than any other heavyweight alternative, due to its lighter structure and uniform elements, thus having advantage in transportation costs.

At the installation phase, the space frame does not require any welding operation at the site under no circumstances, since they are assembled at the site with its shoring elements, where installation time reduces total installation period.

Starting from the design, engineering, procurement, supply, installation and the management of the project, Polarkon GmbH completely takes part in every stage within its own entity and becomes the only point of contact throughout the cycle of design through completion of installation.