How does Polarkon GmbH help you with your inquiries on solar carports?

After successfully completing more than 600 unique projects worldwide, Polarkon GmbH has the ability and experience to execute multidisciplinary systems, such as combining steel structures and for Solar Carports’ case, photovoltaic systems. From the solar carports’ structural and architectural design until the implementation and commissioning of photovoltaics systems, Polarkon GmbH undertakes all the necessary services required to deliver the projects in Germany and Europe.

Structural Steel and Design

With more than 29 years of experience in designing and engineering megastructures and steel structures, Polarkon GmbH offers complete engineering solutions to tailor every client’s expectations and demands.

Construction Permits and Approvals

Polarkon GmbH also supports its clients in order to obtain necessary construction permits and approvals from the local authorities across Germany and Europe, while expediting the total project duration.

Foundation and Civil Works

Most of the time, solar carports require adjustments and even new foundations to maintain the structure, and that’s where Polarkon GmbH comes in. Undertaking all the new foundation design, supply of material and installation works are all carried out specific for each project.

Minimum Lead Times and Rapid Installations

With respect to the current regulations and laws regarding the use of renewable energy and photovoltaics systems, the demand for the solar carports has increased substantially over the last few years.

In order to meet every client’s demands and requests, Polarkon GmbH has designed and developed four standardized solar carport models, which are fully mass-produced and rapidly installed at the site. By using its warehousing solutions, Polarkon GmbH supplies the solar carports’ steel structures in as minimum delivery times as possible while installing them right away.

Photovoltaics and Electricity Design

One of the most important aspects of solar carports is efficiently designing and implementing photovoltaics and electricity projects in order to maximize the plant power capacities. Polarkon GmbH understands the importance of project designs and implementations and provides optimal PV and electrical designs unique for every plant and client’s needs.

Photovoltaic System Approvals and Plant Certificates

While designing the photovoltaic and electrical projects of the solar carports, it is important to note that each and every location in Germany and Europe requires different standards and requirements. In this context, Polarkon GmbH implements its project while conforming the local requirements and regulations, and obtains necessary permits and certificates accordingly.

System Commissioning and Implementation

After all the installation works are carried out, Polarkon GmbH offers system trials and commissioning in order to deliver the project to the client. Optionally, Polarkon GmbH offers annual maintenance for the complete system and always provide customer service to its clients.