One of the Leading Steel Supplier and Engineering Companies in Germany

Polarkon GmbH provides unique turnkey solutions with its “Design-Build” approach.

• Headquartered in Düsseldorf, North-Rheinwestphalia,
• “Design-build” approach for each project,
• 20,000 square meter manufacturing plant,
• Services include logistics systems steelworks, structural steel, space frame & free-form structures and building components for your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your experience in the steel fabrication industry?

Since 1995, Polarkon GmbH has completed more than 600 projects worldwide, and has been one of the leading steel companies with its steel fabrication, engineering, design and installation services.

In which countries and regions have you successfully completed projects?

Polarkon GmbH has successfully completed projects mainly in Germany, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Turkic States and western Africa.

What industries do you provide steel fabrication services for?

In addition to its significant steel fabrication capacity, Polarkon GmbH provides top-quality engineering, design and installation services to logistics, freight-forwarding, airfreighting, energy, solar, mass-production, sports and shopping industries.

What types of steel products do you fabricate?

Polarkon GmbH fabricates steel substructures of logistics and conveyor systems, structural steel, steel space frame systems for roofing structures, steel frames of solar carports, steel handrails, steel doors and many other architectural and structural steel products.

Can you customize steel products to fit my specific needs?

Yes, any steel products with or without a project can be customized and engineered according to your specific needs. Also, alternative designs can be executed if requested.

Why space frame systems instead of conventional type steel for roofing systems?

The main advantage of the space frame systems is due to its architectural and statical design, it uses much less steel material per unit area than conventional steel. The result of using less steel material means basically less carbon footprint, hence less waste and scrap for the environment.


Also, space frame is both fabricated and installed almost twice the pace of structural steel.

What in-house services can you provide throughout a project’s life cycle?

Polarkon GmbH carries out a project’s scope from its design, engineering, procurement of materials, fabrication, quality control and inspection, packing and loading, installation at site, maintenance services and after-sales services.

Inside its 20,000 square meter fabrication plant and with its latest technology machinery and robotics, Polarkon GmbH has the ability to transform steel into any kind of end-product.


In addition to that, electrostatic powder painting, wet-painting, sandblasting, electro-galvanization, hot-dipped galvanization and many other chemical and physical processes can be performed.

What other services can you provide within the scope of the projects?

As a turnkey solution provider for its clients’ projects, Polarkon GmbH also executes the international logistics and shipping services of its products, customs and export services, installation at site and after-sales services and periodic maintenance services from start to completion.

Do you offer installation services for your steel products?

Yes, Polarkon GmbH offers installation services for all its steel products.

What is the turnaround time for steel fabrication projects?

The turnaround time differs for each project in terms of its BOQ, design, location and other structural concepts. For preliminary inquiries, please reach us via

How do you ensure the quality of your steel products?

Polarkon GmbH carries out its fabrications according to EN-1090 standards and holds all the necessary international certificates regarding the quality and testing standards.

Do you offer any warranties on your steel products?

5-year structural warranty is being issued for every Polarkon GmbH project.

Who should I contact in order to place an order for steel fabrication services?

As for your Project inquiries, whether you have the design or not, do not hesitate to reach us via, one representative of our Business Development & Sales team will reply to you very shortly via e-mail or mobile.

What is the maximum size of steel products that you can fabricate?

Depending on the Project, Polarkon GmbH has the ability to fabricate any kind and size of steel product and quantity for its clients’ requests. However, transportation and installation services might be affected when it comes to fabricating a steel product with extraordinary physical sizes.

Can you provide me with references or examples of previous steel fabrication projects you have completed?

For further information, please visit our “Projects” page.